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AMEE in Excel

The AMEEConnect API gives access to a vast amount of climate related data. It also exposes standardise methodologies and to perform calculations based on that data.

As part of the London Green Hackathon I created the AMEE-in-Excel addin to tightly integrate this data and calculations into Excel.

So, if Excel is your preferred way to work with climate data, then this should be in your toolkit.

All code is open source and hosted at . Pull-requests are welcome!

Hurrah! AMEE in Excel won the behaviour change prize:

We believe over 80% of the sustainability field currently use spreadsheets. As a process, this is broken, not scalable and inaccurate. AMEE in Excel Integrates spreadsheets with web-services, to create a behaviour change that could address this issue and bring more credibility to the market.

So, if you want to collaborate on some Award Winning Software :), send in those pull requests

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