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CI for Flex 4; running FlexUnit4 unit tests and FlexMonkey4 acceptance tests with Maven and FlexMojos

The FlexMojos project is a great way to bring your Flex application under a grown up continuous build system like Maven.

Getting FlexMojos 3.6.1 working with Flex 4, running Flash Builder 4’s version of unit tests and FlexMonkey4’s version of acceptance/UI tests is pretty tricky.

Hopefully this sample project – http://github.com/mrdavidlaing/flexmojos-sample along with this screencast will save someone else the pain I went through to get all these playing together.

Howto add new component to FlexITP from David Laing on Vimeo.

Patches welcome – just clone the git repo make your change, and request a pull.


  • Reply Christoph |

    Hi David,

    thanks a lot for this documentation!

    I found two problems I’m not able to solve:

    1. How to include the automation swc into the flexmojos-build?
    I use SpringActionscript in my application. If I load my component demo swf (same as your AcceptanceTest) into FlexMonkey the context.xml is not loaded. As I learned from the FlexMonkey HP it is necessary to link to my application and therefore I need the automation swcs to let FlexMonkey communicate in a magical way with my application.

    2. I don’t like the ant-property file. Is there any way to use dependencies managed by maven?
    In the pom.local.properties I have to set workstation specific settings which I would like to avoid. Do you see any chance?


    • Reply mrdavidlaing |


      1. I’m not sure; perhaps look at which libraries are being included by the mxmlc ant task in runFlexMonkeyTests.xml ?
      2. See the latest changset at http://github.com/mrdavidlaing/flexmojos-sample – I switched from an ant-property file to environment variables; using the maven enforcer plugin to remind you to set them when you try run on a new machine. I think this is easier to use (or at least guides you on what to do :) )

So, what do you think ?