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DDD7 – Nov 21, Microsoft campus, Reading UK

Wow.  DDD, the community conference for UK MS developers, hosted by Microsoft, but completly driven by the community continues to go from strength to strength.  This year, the 400 places were filled within 4 hours of this annoucement that registration was open via twitter.

I really enjoyed Mike Hadlow‘s talk on IOC injection; with specific reference to his opensource eCommerce application, SutekiShop.  Clearly an expert on the subject on ASP.NET MVC, Onion architecture, Repositories & Services,  and binding it all together with IOC; he is also a gifted presenter.   If you’re looking for a reference implementation of an ASP.NET MVC application (or indeed just a loosely coupled, TDD driven web application); I’d strongly advise you to check out Mike’s SVN repo.

Toby Henderson gave an interesting demo of how you can run .NET apps under Linux (Ubuntu) using Mono.  Worth bearing in mind when considering your hosting & deployment options.

Sebastien Lambla gave a highly entertaining (if opinionated) presentation of a series of WFP tips and tricks.  My favourite tip (which isn’t really WPF related)

Tired of always checking if your event delegates are null before calling them?  Just declare them with a standard empty delegate.  Then they are never null!

  event MyEvent = delegate {};

Recommended book: WPF Unleashed by Adam Nathan

As always it was a great event – remember, if you want to be at DDD8 (2009); sign up early!

See www.developerday.co.uk for slides & videos from all sessions

So, what do you think ?