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Draconian parking fines, by Camden Council

The quest to make our world a little greener is a worthy challenge, putting one in opposition with seemingly everyone in our modern society.

Case in point – I attended the Geek Kyoto conference in Camden a few weeks back, and rather than drive home on the Friday and then back into London on the Saterday (a round trip of 80 miles), I elected to spend the night in a London hotel. Finding parking overnight was, shall we say, trying, and wildly expensive.

Eventually I found a parking, for which you had to pay between 08:30 & 13:30, and paid the required £10 (!) to park for the first 2 hours. I carefully place the parking reciept on my dashboard, confident of being a law abiding citizen (Observe the clear sign across the road)

When I returned to move the car in 2 hours (maximum parking 2 hours), I was shocked to see that I had been ticketed a whopping £120 for my citizenly efforts.  The bay I was in is sign posted as a residents only bay.  How ASBOish of me; how could I have missed the residents only sign – its clearly displayed behind a tree!  (Look, just above the silver car parked behind me)

Egad – I managed to pay £10 for the pivilege of being fined £120.  So much for attempting to reduce my CO2 footprint by driving less!

I’m appealing; lets see what the Camden Council have to say…

So, what do you think ?