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Some thoughts on alternatives to the Visual Studio Team System for building webapps:

  • Requirement gathering
    • I like Axure (axure.com) for HTML prototyping ideas, and Visio is okay for architecture diagrams
  • Code editing
    • VS Pro + Resharper is pretty good. One of the best “step though debuggers” I’ve used
  • Source control
    • Subversion + TortoiseSVN. Any played with Git? Is there a good Git GUI tool?
  • Continuous Integration
  • Jetbrains TeamCity
  • Issue tracking / project website
    • I quite like Trac – wiki, milestones, good SVN integration. Have to maintain Python app though.
  • O/R mapper
    • NHibernate? DataSets? LINQtoSQL? What do you use?
  • TDD / BDD
    • ASP.NET MVC looks like its going in the right direction; but still early days
    • nUnit / mbUnit / VS built-in? Is there anything that comes close to rSpec in the Rails world for elegance?
    • Mocking frameworks? Moq has a nice syntax – most of the others seem overly complex (record/replay?!)
    • TestRunner? www.gallio.org looks like a good start, but still early days
    • Functional testing? Selenium? WatiN?
    • Continuous Integration server? Is there anything prettier than CruiseControl?
    • Load testing?
  • Logging
    • Log4Net>
  • Monitoring
    • Current favourite is Webperform
  • Support email handing
    • SupportSuite from QualityUnit has a nice Gmail style interface + KB

So, what do you think ?