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Trac & Nginx on Ubuntu Feisty

Install trac

apt-get install trac python-mysqldb

Update ClearSilver


apt-get install python-dev
wget http://www.clearsilver.net/downloads/clearsilver-0.10.5.tar.gz
tar xvzf clearsilver-0.10.5.tar.gz
cd clearsilver-0.10.5/
./configure –disable-wdb –disable-compression –disable-perl –with-python=$(which python)
cd python
cp -i neo_cgi.so /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/neo_cgi.so

Trac Environments Directory

You’ll need a directory for Trac’s environments to live that should be writable by the default tracd user:

sudo mkdir /var/lib/trac
sudo chgrp users /var/lib/trac

Create a MySQL DB
Create a new database (trac) and user with full rights to that DB (trac). Make sure the database character set is latin1_bin (UTF8 will cause key length problems; throwing “Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes” errors during trac setup)

Your connection string will be:
mysql://trac:[email protected]:port/databasename

Configure Trac

trac-admin /var/lib/trac initenv

Follow the instructions.

Correct locale errors
If you get locale errors:

apt-get install localeconf
localedef -i en_US -c -f UTF-8 en_US.UTF-8



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