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Automount remote filesystem over SSH

Previously I posted on how I backup my server’s data to rsync.net’s remote storage.

A convienient way to access that remote storage is to configure rsync over sshfs:

sudo aptitude install sshfs
mkdir /mnt/sshfs
mkdir /mnt/sshfs/rsync.net
sshfs **username**@ch-s011.rsync.net: /mnt/rsync.net
Now, test that you can access /mnt/rsync.net, and copy a few files to your remote storage.  if all works well, the next step is to have sshfs automatically connect whenever we try to access the directory

First, unmount

fusermount -u /mnt/rsync.net

Then, install autofs, and edit the config file

sudo aptitude install autofs
sudo vi /etc/auto.master

Add the following line 

/mnt/sshfs /etc/auto.sshfs --timeout=30,--ghost


sudo vi /etc/auto.sshfs


rsync.net -fstype=fuse,rw,nodev,nonempty,noatime,allow_other,max_read=65536 :sshfs#**username**@ch-s011.rsync.net:


And finally restart autofs 

sudo /etc/init.d/autofs restart


Now, when you cd /mnt/sshfs/rsync.net, after a short delay you will automatically be connected to the remote filesystem over SSH.  After 30 seconds of inactivity, the connection will be closed.